About Youth Venture


Youth Venture inspires and invests in teams of young people to design and launch their own lasting social ventures, enabling them to have a transformative experience of leading positive social change. Started in the US, Youth Venture is now expanding internationally. As we invest in Venturers around the world, we are beginning to connect them into a powerful global network. Our Venturers start businesses, civil society organizations and informal programs that address all kinds of social issues, including poverty, health, the elderly, the environment, education, diversity issues, and the arts. Youth Venture helps our Venturers through this process of designing and launching their ventures, providing guidance, how-to’s, and a process for designing and pitching a venture idea. Youth Venture’s vision is a world of everyone a changemaker through a global culture of young people initiating positive, lasting change. Youth Venture’s mission is to build a global movement of young people being powerful now, changemakers now. This is the foundation for an everyone a changemaker world, the key factor for success for every society, organization and person.

•Check out Youth Venture’s Website at: www.genv.net

•Check out Ashoka’s Website at: www.ashoka.org

•Check out Youth Venture on You Tube at: You Tube Youth Venture

•Find us on Facebook at: Ashoka’s Youth Venture

•Follow us on Twitter at: AshokaGenV and YVDC



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