New YV Teams have launched! What are they doing?

2 04 2009

Mar 3, 2009

ROUND NEW ENGLAND…AND BEYOND Here are what some of the most recently launched Youth Venture teams are doing! NEW HAMPSHIRE: Ethics Forum is the latest team to come out of the United Way of Greater Nashua with Nashua Community College partnership. The Team will raise money for Schools for Salone, a nonprofit that helps establish schools in Sierra Leone, Africa, through a series of fundraisers – including a benefit concert June 5, 2009. Fix-It Bike Shop is back in the news! A story in the New Hampshire Union Leader reported on how the bicycle repair shop is hunting for a few good repairmen to help further educate the Team on bike repair. RHODE ISLAND:
Generation Citizenship will empower youth to become active, educated and engaged citizens. They plan to train college students to facilitate semester-long after school sessions, where high school students can learn about the political process, analyze their local governments and communities, and take action on issues. Capital Good Fund is a green micro-finance organization that supports entrepreneurs who may not have access to necessary resources in the business world. They will provide affordable micro loans, support and training in the hopes of creating jobs and solving environmental problems. MASSACHUSETTS: Summer of Solutions is planning an annual two month volunteer organization dedicated to greening/ bettering their community of Worcester. One for All developed a plan for teachers in developing countries to integrate their curriculum with the use of laptops provided to them by One Laptop per Child, to ensure both students and teachers fully benefit from them. They hope to address and eliminate the technological inequities that will only grow more substantial in the future. The Team is fully supported by One Laptop per Child. Minga Childhood is dedicated to ending the child sex trade around the world through youth empowerment and education. They will create preventative and rehabilitative programs for at-risk youth and those affected by child prostitution. Newly launched Recess for All will provide new, and much need, recess equipment for their school. The Team has a great news story in the Marlborough Enterprise. Parker STAND is hosting the first ever Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School- Cultural Night: Embracing cultural richness of countries in conflict. The public is welcome to enjoy food, music, art and games; and learn about countries in conflict. Admission is free, but donations are greatly appreciated – all benefit the Parker STAND chapter to support anti-genocide networks.
When: Friday, February 27 from 7pm-9pm Where: Parker Auditorium, 49 Antietam Street, Devens, Ma RSVP: or 1-978-618-4464
MAINE: Middlebury Treehouse plans to build an environmentally sustainable treehouse on the Middlebury College campus that serves the dual purposes of an outdoor classroom for the college, as well as a captivating destination where elementary students can learn about the environment. Green Energy Project will equip high schoolers in southern Maine with the knowledge and skills necessary to install solar panels. They hope to empower the students to share their experience and knowledge with the local community. Greely Global Awareness will educate community members about environmental issues and show them at through simple lifestyle changes (carpooling, composting, alternative energy, and tree planting) big changes can happen. CONNECTICUT: Thinktotes will distribute sturdy, reusable bags to students at Yale University with information on the negative effects of plastic bags stuffed inside. They hope to encourage students to think about the effect they have on the environment and lower the amount of waste produced on campus. NEW YORK: Buffalo B.A.S.I.C.S. will provide a “back to the basics” comprehensive approach to home maintenance for residents in Buffalo, NY. The Team has already purchased a foreclosed house that they will rehabilitate and use to educated residents through workshops on home maintenance and gardening, improving their homes and property values.
Speak Now will facilitate an intercultural exchange between native English speakers and native Spanish speakers. College students will give ESL (English as a Second Language) lessons in exchange for weekly conversational lessons with native Spanish speakers.
MICHIGAN: Clean Nation of Detroit will inspire residents to work together and clean up local neighborhoods. After they host cleaning days they will have block parties so everyone involved can celebrate their accomplishments.
ILLINOIS: Kids Teaching Kids will travel to schools within their community in their biodiesel powered bus to education students about the problems associated with burning fossil fuels and the importance of using renewable sources of energy. They hope to make residents and schools in their community greener.
CALIFORNIA: Green World will sell renewable aluminum BPA free bottles in an effort to reduce plastic bottle usage in their area. Through the bottles they will educate community members on the harmful effects plastic bottles can have on their environment and the human body. Profit made will go to purchasing more bottles and supporting environmentally friendly businesses.

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